Getting Sick while Traveling = :(

Getting Sick while Traveling = :(

Waking up to your stomach feeling like a fiery fake ray bans cage match between two rabies-infected raccoons is never a good start to the day. After I moved my pale (what’s new) flesh bucket of limbs and juices as quick as I could to the bathroom, I knew this wasn’t going to be a nice trip. Not number 1. Not number 2. Not vomit (unfortunately). Yeah. That other one, where you always feel just as bad as before you started (Diarrhea, c’mon). Then, as I limped back to my room with my hands curled around my curling stomach, the thought hit me. “I’m sick in England. What the pharmacy should I do?” First, I still don’t know what this illness really is so nice I woke up like this last Thursday. I had chills, fever, and a cough yet I still have an upset stomach, aches, and good ol’ Big D. Second, the immediate reaction I had was frustrated helplessness, which isn’t a great mind-state to solve a problem. Third, the only other people to help me were the other students who had essays (like me) to finish that day and our resident professor. I didn’t fake oakleys use them because fourth, I’m a stubborn idiot and thought in a blind moment of resiliency, “I’m cheap nfl jerseys an adult. I’ll have to take care of myself at some point, why not now? I can услуги do that.” And I did. And independence is overrated (except when it comes to sovereignty and declarations #merica). Here’s a pro tip for when you’re sick as an adult/overseas, future Ryan (who will be present Ryan when you read this, who will become past Ryan at some point #yayinevitabilityoftime): FIND SOMEONE TO HELP YOU. Yes, you can finish your essay in 1 hour intervals then take half-naps because the paper on Hume and Wordsworth is almost done and due that night. You don’t want to be “that sick guy,” fine whatever. But get medicine that day, Holmes. Don’t just go to breakfast and fake that you’re fine in some way to make you actually find. Don’t just sit through the lecture without telling anyone you can’t focus on because you’re head is spinning. Don’t just make the now impossibly long slog to the fortress that the Cambridge library is. Ask someone to get you medicine and applesauce for your imploding digestive system. You can’t do it all alone, big dog. You never can.

Well, I did spend all of that day finishing that essay. I sent it in, walked back to my room, and laid in bed staring at the brown spot in the ceiling because the wifi in our dorm broke, which was the worst thing to cheap jerseys happen by far (I kid, I kid). My night consisted of two hour intervals of sleep, interrupted by going to the bathroom or drinking water or imagining that I was home with my fabulous mother or wonderful father taking care of me like they’ve always done. 

I woke up the next morning, still feeling awful, and walked to the pharmacy before class. WHICH DIDNT OPEN UNTIL MY CLASS STARTED. AAAAAGH. But I got apples (because I was really craving one for whatever reason; they weren’t great), went to class, and had a choice to make since yesterday. Do I travel to Scotland for a week (#freeweek) with people that I already booked rooms with while feeling like the raccoons are clawing my stomach like they want out like the spawn from Alien? Or ray bans sale do I take the losses and get rest in a wifi-less dorm pretty much by myself? Hmmmmm. 

Well, I’m on a train to Oban after being in Edinburgh for four days. Now, in my defense, I did get medication after class Friday. I walked into a store called Superdrug: Pharmacy (spot-on) and find that 80% of the products are make-up. Side bar: why? Why does a pharmacy have so much gosh diggity darn (ooo, colorful) make up? I know make up is a frequently used drug. But it’s called Superdrug: Pharmacy, not Beauty Shop. Resume: I did find OTC pills for symptoms. One med is for diarrhea, the other one for everything else. Are they working??? Kind of. (Update: I did eventually find Pepto Bismol [insert praise emojis]).

We got to Edinburgh fine (thank God trains have bathrooms). I laid around in bed all day Saturday, reading, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube, and not writing. Did I feel better? Oh yes. Do I feel all healed up now, especially after I walked around hours and hours yesterday? Nope! Still ache, can’t eat delicious pasta that everybody else had for lunch today (or anything besides bread and fruit), and still start sweating and tensing when the stone drops in my stomach and it’s time for the punisher (only harp on it because it’s very much harping on me). 

Yet, I don’t regret coming to Scotland. The countryside is gorgeous, Edinburgh was beautiful (that’s probably the first for me in any city), and I’m getting my trip’s worth in experiencing UK goodness. I’ve been reminded yet again that, no matter what, once I commit my mind to something, I can persevere and achieve it. Having that in mind had been key as I’ve been thinking more and more about life after school (more on that to come). Also, I like the UK, but I miss home like I’ve never missed it before. I’ll try and enjoy myself here through sickness and what comes, but I can’t wait to be back home. And not have the opening drum solo from “Hot for Teacher” playing in my stomach. 

Seriously tho, I am getting better. 

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